Friday, October 21, 2005


My mom often says that things happen for a reason and I think there’s some truth to it. I don’t believe that the entire course of our lives is pre destined by some all mighty force but there are happenings in one's life, where purpose might seem lost initially; years later you realize, that an inexplicable twist of fate has had a positive impact on ur life.

I was at this celebration dinner: the occasion, fiftieth wedding anniversary…yes u heard me rite fiftieth!... Actually it’s not the event that makes me mention it but a slide show of snaps of the couple; from the time they were born to their marriage to now… After seeing snaps that covered seventy long years of their lives, it seemed as though they were meant to be from the time they entered this world.... And that a seemingly random set of events shaped their futures to what it is now..

At the end of it all, I jus had one thing to say: “Everything happens for a reason!”

The dexterous hands of a magician pull the knotted twine in one swift motion….and voila! U get a taut string…no loops!!... that trick has never ceased to amaze me… Thanks to some knots in our very own lives we might, for all u know, be in better position years later…So if something hasn’t gone ur way…Don’t sweat…

I haven’t blogged in ages cos I ve been busy with my applying to grad studies… Lemme know what u thinks though…C ya..


Blogger - Intercodes said...

Iam posting a comment here. Let me see what reason lies behind this. :D ..hehe.. never had a point . nice one.
Get back to blogging when your top priorities are completed..

5:28 AM  
Blogger Sangeeta said...

Welcome back!
and wish u a very very Happy Diwali

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:28 AM  
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