Monday, February 28, 2005

Friend's Zealot

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I miss friends, I really do!!! :-( ...I just cant get enough of them.. ... whenever i watch re runs I cant help but feel nostalgic and i simply yearn for more episodes...I miss Chandler's jokes, Joey's philandering ,Phoebe's eccentricities, Ross's nuptial follies, Monica's idiosyncrasies and Rachel's -well,I jus dig her. Coincidentally, or purposefully, each character has acquired a specific human trait and stuck onto that through all the seasons.

The success of Friends can probably be ascribed to the selection of the awesome cast (Btw Ross is the only one who got the part without an audition)..... When we watch friends (and by "we" I mean all friends enthusiasts), most of us can almost feel the emotions they go through......the ever-existent Ross-Rachel chemistry, the super cool Joey Chandler friendship ; I 'm Monica fussy when it comes to certain things so I can relate to that, Phoebe with her superstitions etc....Friends is unbelievably funny because when we laugh we can actually empathize with the characters....Also, Friends is nicely split up in chronological order, hence there is superb continuity.....Other cool sitcoms that come close to the friends phenomenon are Home Improvement and Frasier.

There are some episodes that are really funny.... Remember when there's a blackout and Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with a super model...Phoebe's song "smelly cat, smelly cat its not your fault"....the one where Ross gets a tan...all the episodes in London, especially when Chandler and Monica get together....when Chandler and Joey lose all their stuff while Joey tries to make a sale....when Chandler and Monica try to adopt a baby.....Joey gets a role to play as Al Pacino's butt double....And all the retro episodes where Monica looks really fat and Chandler has his funky hair do.

For reasons such as these I really miss them............

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lets Play!!

Surprisingly,i involved myself at college,by participating in a pretty interesting debate .The topic was 'Does the media give more importance to sports men and women who have greater sex appeal'.
As soon as i heard the topic my head was filled with images of Anna Kournikova,Sharapova and ofcourse our indigenous Sanya 'the sweet heart' Mirza.As i slowly descended from the blissful thought of curves,figures and deadly stats,i realised that this statement was indeed true.

The Olympics has always symbolised the spirit of amity,perseverance and hardship,which are the quintessence of sports.However,sports and games have adapted a different meaning today; glamour,ritz and fashion statements take front row seats.Any game today has a commercial aspect tagged to it,I'm not teling this is wrong(everyone's got to make a living),but signing contracts shouldnt be a player's ulterior motive.

Today,sports person and especially women,go to great lengths in creating a sexed up image of themselves.Look at women's tennis, do they actually have to wear such skimpy outfits,that are butt clenching and which greatly contour their assets?(not that i'm complaining);its not as if by being more clothed they are gonna get less aerodynamic.The amazing thing is that sports association overlook such aspects,and dont have a constraint on the attire that players wear.

Pretty soon all aspirants of games would have to start looking like Greek gods and godesses.Women would have to get boob jobs and liposuction done and guys would have to go in for the brad pitty image.No wonder VVS Laxman isnt getting any contracts,whereas Yuvi is piling 'em up.Ofcourse,one might ask what if someone is naturally hot and does a great job(believe me,i know how it feels :-) )........ok ok u can stop cursing me now...No one remembers Nirupama Vaidyanathan being under any spotlight when she entered the aussie open... The thing is that the media should give credit to players based on their accomplishments and not their sex appeal..

The media promotes those individuals who go 'beyond the call of duty' so to say, and these individuals inturn help them get better ratings.There should be a council that overlooks sport events to restrict commercialization,although this seems pretty far fetched, this is the only way to make things better,because no single sport is gonna give up on their popularity and lag behind in the rat race for commercial ratings.