Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Search Ends Here-An Experiment in Progress

Vincent Van Gogh feels that Sania Mirza is a big boob, whereas Lance Armstrong feels that Kushboo's thoughts on premarital sex were quite gay.. Calvin has a huge crush on Anna Kournikova and Hobbes is set to join the FRIENDS gang next season... Not making any sense????

Ever heard of Stat Counter...? its a web tool that provides statistics on various aspects of ur web page...for instance ,the number of hits ur web page has got each day, how long ppl stayed at ur page et al... I was happy to see that there was quite a bit of traffic on my web page each day...
But my joy was to be shortlived, when I saw the search keywords ppl used to get to my blog.. Some keywords that topped the charts are...

Sania Mirza's boobs
Anna Kournikova 's( ****** ) images-- those stars are in place of many a graphic things ..
Pretty Indian girls pics

Apparently I ve used these phrases/words in some part o my web page and my blog turns up when ppl search for stuff....sniff...sniff...And I thought ppl came to my blog to read interesting stuff...

Coming to my experiment, with my goofy first para as bait, I wanna see what kinda search words people are using... :-)